The military-political Directorate of the defense Ministry established to fight an “information war”

The military-political Directorate of the defense Ministry established to fight an “information war”

Main military-political management (GUPW) of the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation established to fight an “information war” against Russia, said Deputy defense Minister — head of GUPW Andrey Kartapolov at the first meeting with journalists.


Mr. Kartapolov noted that in the first place the work of GWPO aimed at members of the armed forces — soldiers, sailors and officers. “The need of information security of armed forces personnel before, during and forming stable belief of the necessity and importance of serving their country in our traditional principles — this is one of the reasons why it made this decision,” he said. According to him, another challenge, GITU is to work with young people.

Political officer in the armed forces will conduct military-political work not with the staff, and with a specific person, said Andrei Kartapolov. “To date, in my opinion, is modern work with personnel from that which would have to be. It is too generalized, and we need to go from working with the staff in General to work directly with a specific person,” he said.

According to Mr. Kartapolov, some elements of the new system of work with the military was tested on special tactical exercises on the moral and psychological support of troops:

These exercises all military psychologists were at the forefront, in the trenches, on the ship, in the forecastle, and into combat units on fire and starting positions, airfields under the wing of the plane. You know they have the eyes changed, they figured out where needed — not around the command post, and where every second a person can die.

Andrey Kartapolov told about the distinctive features of the Russian soldier of the future. “It is the spirit that manifests itself in a battle is heroic, the willingness to sacrifice for the mission, or for the sake of their comrades, that in General it has always been one of the hallmarks of the Russian military”, — he said. Thus, according to the Deputy Minister, the Ministry of defense is not going to go back to the motto “For faith, Tsar and Patronymic”. “It passed, but faith in God and faith in their just cause of service to the Motherland — they are somewhere very close and necessary”, — he said.