Observed an unexplained phenomenon in Antarctica

Observed an unexplained phenomenon in Antarctica

Scientists have recorded the movement of a colossal iceberg A-68, which broke away from the ice shelf Larsen off the coast of the Antarctic Peninsula last year. Block of ice comparable in size to the half of the island of Jamaica, turned counterclockwise 90 degrees in July-August, according to Gizmodo.


Researchers can not yet explain what caused this relatively rapid turn.

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Area A-68, which was formed in July 2017, is 5.8 thousand square kilometers, and weight — approximately one trillion tons. After he broke away from the Larsen glacier, iceberg repeatedly snagged on the seabed and were sedentary. However, in July of this year (at this time in the southern hemisphere winter) satellite data showed that the ice mass increased their mobility. Over the past two weeks, the iceberg turned 10 degrees, and two weeks before that — 30 degrees.

According to experts, the causes of displacement are difficult to install due to the fact that there is no data about the topography of the seabed in this place. Investigations are difficult to conduct, since the ocean surface in region is covered with ice, preventing passage of ships. Scientists believe that A-68 lost contact with the bottom due to the gradual melting or iceberg caught in strong ocean currents.