Mystery of the dominance of grandmothers with purple hair

Mystery of the dominance of grandmothers with purple hair

A visitor to the portal Pikabu with the nickname backupcat, fascinated by the rules of hair coloring, explained why Russia has so many older women with hair purple shade.


“Purple’s the color of the grandparents is not so much an intentional result, but the error from ignorance of the basics of dyeing. Although someone intentionally, maybe… But more often no than Yes” — explains backupcat.

Wanting to hide the gray hair, older women choose light shades of paint from the mass market to sprouting gray hair was not as noticeable, continues the girl. However, women do not take into account that gray hair is devoid of pigment, but because the paint, containing a lot of blue or purple falls excessively intense:

This paint is not meant for coloring gray hair and lightening dark hair. Dark hair lightens to a dirty-yellow color, having nothing to do with the blonde, except for the level of clarification. To this yellow mush became a blonde, it is necessary to neutralize, that is tinted the opposite color. For yellow this color is purple, so the illuminator (Yes, it’s in fact not paint) with a blonde on the packaging adds a purple pigment.

However, after coloring gray hair a bright shade of yellow does not appear, and therefore lilac, designed to cut, eats into the hair.

At the end backupcat recommend wishing to transform dark hair to light only use professional paint and carefully lighten your hair in stages, preferably with at least one person.