Mead found inconsistencies in the suspect photo in the “case Skrypalia”

Mead found inconsistencies in the suspect photo in the “case Skrypalia”

MOSCOW, 5 sen — RIA of news. The Russian foreign Ministry drew attention to inconsistencies in the published London on Wednesday the data about the suspects. This was stated by the official representative of the foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.


So, Scotland Yard issued photographs of the suspects at Gatwick airport. According to Zakharova, shows the same corridor, same time (on the site of Scotland Yard indicated time 16:22:43).

“Either it is imposed from above photos the exact date and time, or are employees of the GRU Russia, who learned to walk at the same time, but their images are captured in two separate photos. It’s such a, you know, trolling the level of God,” said the foreign Ministry representative in the program “60 minutes” on TV channel “Russia-1”.

She also drew attention to two other pictures of the suspects. On the same background.

According to her, the photos could be done on arrival, so they must have a British visa, which at the request of the British embassies is going biometric information and other data. Zakharov said that today at the foreign Ministry summoned the British Ambassador Laurie Bristow to provide this information, but Russia received a “complete failure”.

She also noted that the British side has said that they have flight details — date, time and number, which allegedly arrived the suspects. “Why for six it was impossible to tell the Russian side, which would have to start the same quest?” — said Zakharov.

However, she noted that Russia remains open to cooperation with great Britain in the “case Skripal,” despite “total rudeness” of London.11фотографий11фотографий11фотографий

Poisoning in Britain

Fourth of March in Salisbury was poisoned, former GRU officer Sergey Skripal and his daughter Julia, which triggered a major international scandal. In London said that the incident involved Russia, Moscow categorically denies it.
Russia has repeatedly offered to conduct a joint investigation of the incident, but London ignored the initiative and denied access Scriply. Also the foreign Ministry has accused the British Prime Minister Theresa may in a lie. So, she claimed that the poison was manufactured in Russia. However, in the laboratory Porton Down is denied.

Later London showed photos of two “suspects in the poisoning Skrypalia”, claiming that two officers of the GRU — Alexander Petrov, and Ruslan Bashirov. In Moscow said that the names of Russia “nothing to say”, and again urged Britain to move on from accusations and manipulation to cooperation.