Attack nuclear submarine entered the Mediterranean sea

Attack nuclear submarine entered the Mediterranean sea

Nuclear submarine USS Newport News us Navy equipped with cruise missiles “Tomahawk” entered the Mediterranean sea. This is evidenced by the us portal Sentinel Strategic analyses of foreign policy and national security.


“It was seen as a multi-purpose submarine USS Newport News yesterday entered the Mediterranean sea”, — quotes the message of the TASS portal.

In addition, the site monitoring service Navy Vessels that monitor the movements of US warships, 4 September, it was reported that Newport News had left Gibraltar and headed into the Mediterranean sea.

The us authorities have not commented on the move of the submarine and not announced of operations.

On 1 September it became known that powered attack submarine Newport News class Los Angeles went to Gibraltar. The Pentagon said at the time that this technical visit, which was planned in advance.

In March after entering the American Virginia class submarine USS John Warner to Gibraltar and its further transition into the Mediterranean sea, the US and its allies launched a massive attack on Syria.

In late August, the defense Ministry has warned about the preparation of Washington’s new attack on Syrian territory.