“The situation in the world today does not get bored”

“The situation in the world today does not get bored”

Sergey Lavrov discussed foreign policy with students MGIMO.


The Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov 3 September held a traditional meeting with students of MGIMO. For hours he discussed with future international “fundamental contradictions” between the countries and the most acute problems: the establishment of relations with the United States, the crisis in Ukraine, “business Skrypalia”, the sanctions against Russia. Said the Minister and the personal: admitted that most of Russia likes Siberia, and noted that it is not sitting in social networks, but interested in what is happening there. “Kommersant” has made a selection of his answers.

About finding balance

“The situation in the world today does not get bored, we all know that. Be a truly tectonic shifts” — described the situation in international relations Minister. He recalled that after the collapse of the USSR put forward the concept that “the neoliberal model of the economy and political life will prevail throughout the world” and “all boundaries are about to disappear”.

“But life was much more diverse, — said Sergey Lavrov.— And these trends of globalization and maximize interdependence in all fields of steel to meet the desire of the people not to forget their roots, to remember about national, cultural identity.”

In this regard, the Minister explained, for politicians the task is to find a compromise “between the digital revolution and the desire of the peoples not to lose their roots.”

Then for hours he told the students about the current position of the Ministry of foreign Affairs on foreign policy issues.

About USThere is a group of countries, a small head of it the United States, which wants instead to use diplomacy dictates, ultimatums, blackmail.Sergey Lavrovgave the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation

During his speech and while answering questions of students Sergei Lavrov criticized US foreign policy, calling it “a striving for total domination”.

He reminded that Washington is trying to revise international agreements, ranging from the Iran nuclear deal and ending with the Paris climate agreement. “In all growth rises, the fate of the world trade organization, which the US called an unfair and outdated,” said the Minister. The US position in the issue of the Palestinian-Israeli settlement, according to the head of the foreign Ministry, “negates all the decisions of the UN Security Council and declares the reluctance of the US to fulfill them”.

In this situation, said Sergei Lavrov, great importance of personal contacts. In particular, he said that during the meetings with the former us Secretary of state Rex Tillerson and the current Secretary of state Mike Pompeo saw on their part, “awareness of the need to get along” with Russia “in the interests of the United States.”

He expressed hope that the United States will not ignore the potential of the Russian market and the potential of cooperation with the country and that Washington will cooperate with Moscow in resolving the conflicts in Syria and Ukraine.

Russia, in turn, “is interested in a stable world” and “ready to compromise in any conflict,” said Mr. Lavrov. “When Russia and USA get along with each other — the whole world wins”, he concluded.

About interference in the elections and cybersecurity

Accusations of Russian interference in the internal political processes of other countries, Sergei Lavrov, traditionally called “inventions”.

Ain’t no problem, where Russia would not play a negative role, judging by the attitudes of our American representatives, who are now obsessed with Russophobia. I’m sure it’s not an absolute obsession.Sergey Lavrovgave the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation

But now, according to him, Washington “was bad form to speak positively about the normalization of relations with Russia.” “Senator Rand Paul came to us in August, this is still a group of senators came. They were ostracized when they returned. It became an epidemic. And those who dare to speak normally and ask your partner to explain, in the minority,” — said Mr. Lavrov.

As an example, he cited the attempts of cooperation in the field of cybersecurity. “We suggested the Obama administration to establish a working group on cyber security, said President Putin reminded the President Trump, when they met Hamburg in July 2017. President trump said it was a good idea. And when it returned, the Congress was an uproar! He was accused that he agreed to speak Russian on a topic that is used by them to intervene in the internal Affairs of States.”