The older “newlyweds” Britain got married in 80 years

The older “newlyweds” Britain got married in 80 years

The age of love not a hindrance.


Stuart Jenkinson and Gladys Hacl recently got married: the lovers staged a small ceremony surrounded by family and friends.

And like anything special, but the couple has already appeared on the pages of the British press, which dubbed them as the most elderly married couples in the UK. Because both spouses in 2018 was 80 years old.


— Metro (@MetroUK) October 3, 2018

Stewart, who’s been married twice, said that I would never have thought that you can remarry. But when three years ago he accidentally met an old friend of the family Gladys, between us ran a spark, and feelings flared up by themselves. After a few years of relationship, the man got down on one knee before his sweetheart on Valentine’s Day, and she said Yes.

Gladys was widowed over 30 years ago, when she first met Stewart (they worked together in a café that belonged to his late wife Enid), she loved it. But then the woman gave no sign and just was friends with their family.

Many years later, she accidentally met on the street stepdaughter of Stewart, who told that the man was widowed and now lives alone. She also helped the pensioners to meet.

Lovers say that the age of true love is not a hindrance. They amuse each other and lead an active lifestyle, riding his motorcycle, a boat or traveling in the RV.