Stillborn project, “Winter cherry” was doomed to death in the fire

Stillborn project, “Winter cherry” was doomed to death in the fire

Why not build shopping centers in pranamasana.


To find out, could save a costly fire-fighting equipment and the correct organization of evacuation of people during fire in the “Winter cherry”, it is important for the investigators not only to apportion the degree of fault of each of the defendants in Kemerovo tragedy, it is a minor task. Main, by analogy with the plane crash, in the future, to forestall and to make mistakes. TFR appointed for that several examinations, the results of which the portal told in earlier publications. Another trial study, performed by scientists-engineers, sheds light on why you did not work automation, designed to protect people from fire.

Recovery equipment

Ashes went multi-million procurement and installation of systems of fire prevention, automatic sprinkler, alarm and other equipment in red. Commission scientists and technicians came to the conclusion that the system of automatic fire protection in shopping center “Winter cherry” its function in a fire on March 25 not complied with. Yes, and they could not perform.

Investigators and experts raised data about past inspections, the technical documentation on construction and repair to come to this conclusion. The most massive and comprehensive testing was carried out in December 2013 after the installation of fire protection systems (AUPS and paga). According to their results, the engineers were evaluated on a score of “good”.

Later interrogations, the former technical Director of Alfa, OOO Alexander Vasilyev, whose experts assembled by the automated fire alarm system (automatic fire alarm) and paga (warning system and evacuation management of people during fire), told investigators that at the time of installation of the system in the reconstructed building had already been collected fire extinguishing system. “In the old part of the building of the first stage was installed a system of fire extinguishing. In new — water supply”, — stated in the Protocol.

And tech security and fire systems LTD “System integrator” Vladimir Vashchuk (office served the “Winter cherry”) in his questioning says that exactly on the 4th floor “in all areas, both in new and in old parts of the building automatic sprinkler as the water and powder completely absent”. In any case, it concerns the period when he was employed there in November 2016.

The CTO “alpha” Vasilyev said the investigation that after the project is approved by authorized persons of the management of Rostechnadzor and the chief engineer of the company of the KKK in the summer of 2014 were held terebuty to redevelop 1-3 th floors of the Mall.

“I do not know, whether developed corresponding design documentation for redevelopment and who it developed,” — said Vasilyev. This is an important moment in the history of fire in the “Winter cherry”.

. Systems, in fact, was conducted in a bare room, and after that to a new building entered outlets, restaurants, gaming establishments. Of course, no alterations in such a case is not necessary. But without the views of experts please.

However, the system according to Vasilyev, were tested in 2015 and worked properly.

But after 2016, definitely the equipment was not in the best condition. It clarifies all the same techniques Vashchuk, fire extinguishing system throughout the building during his work at the facility was not functioning. The reason of failure of pumps. The water is cold in the winter.

I reported this situation to the Director “System integrator”, Polozenko, but no action was taken. System APPZ on the specified object during my work at the facility has never undergone technical upgrading.Vladimir Vasogenic fire alarm systems, OOO “System integrator”

To understand, APPZ — all hardware in the building, which is responsible for fire fighting. Roughly speaking, it consists of numerous sensors, smoke vents, which transmit distress signals to the dispatcher. These things are connected with the system alert — relay alarm about the danger of operational services of the city and include the speakers in the building stating: “Attention, fire!”. They start extinguishing systems — those fountains near the ceiling, which disperses the water or powder in case of fire. Controlled the entire complex special person sitting at the console. He sees the monitors, where are the problem areas.

For ensuring building fire safety answered the chief engineer Aleksandr Gutov. He, as well as techniques Vashchuk said that neither the 4th nor 5th floors were not installed systems of fire extinguishing. There was only fire taps. That is, the protection and responsible personnel would cost unwinding of the sleeve and to direct the jet on the burning foam in the game. Later it will become clear that these hoses is just window — dressing, the water in the pipes was not.

According to the investigation, at the time of emergency fire alarm system on the 3rd and 4th floors functioned, but did not interact with other systems — smoke alarm system, as well as with the engineering systems of the building.

The investigation found that as a result of myriad violations of the rules at the time of the fire “automatic fire alarm, warning system and evacuation management of people during fire and automatic fire suppression system did not work”. In fact, the smart system is in the hands of incompetent workers turned into a useless pile of iron.

By the way, about people. Alarm system, poorly implemented, still made it clear to staff that something is wrong, something sparks… And was disabled. An incompetent security guard (he’s under investigation) shortly before the accident — he did not have a proper level of training to control a fire suppression system and nevertheless was admitted to the unit. He and his other colleague felt that the system “buggy”.

But this equipment, according to experts, could within 20 seconds to alert the Manager about a fire in a foam pit.

Installation and maintenance of fire protection equipment, forensic experts recognize inappropriate to requirements of normative documents and regulations. Also, experts have concluded that when applying the foam pit was not completed requirements to eliminate potential fire hazard. Flammable material was directly beneath the potential source of the fire lamp.

8фотографий8фотографий8фотографийEvacuation in hell

The fact remains that for many adults, life safety rules — an empty phrase. Responsible for the security person didn’t even bother to put in a prominent place extinguishers.

After the detection of combustion I shouted at the Sochi Sergei, he ran up to me and began to pull out children from a foam pit, and I ran for the fire extinguisher. When he reached the entrance to the activiti Park, I stopped and realized that I do not know where the fire extinguisher… instructor trampoline hall

“I ran to the foam pit, I saw fire, I spit a flame, and he wanted to extinguish it with his foot, but to reach the fire failed,” said another instructor, Sergey Sochi.

The fire extinguisher tried to find another employee aktiviti Park Eugene Polanski, but in vain. “After the detection of a fire in a foam pit activities Park I ran to the fire escape to get a fire extinguisher. The fire extinguisher did not see, as the stairs were littered with various materials”, — said the girl.

However, experts believe that even those primary defenses, which were in the building were unusable. “Powder extinguisher OP-4, which operated from December 2014 until the fire was contained without proper maintenance and inspections,” — said in the examination. Combined with the fact that the fire hoses could not carry out their functions, to put out the fire witnesses was not under force.

There was hope in effective evacuation… But it did not work — people in panic fled as best they could.

Fatal to the guests, “Winter cherry” was that the four doors leading to fire stairs in the building were closed. Investigators found in them traces of influence — the people desperately trying to open them, spent precious seconds and minutes (the traces of attempts of spin locks, damage to the hinges).

Experts estimate that safe evacuation in the conditions of locked doors was impossible. So, this is one reason of many deaths.

Also experts believe that was at the time of emergency staff in FECs did not have the appropriate level of knowledge and practice for the proper evacuation of people.

“Congenital” defect

Security work in Russia is much worse than foreign for a reason. The fact that even when the construction of the facility in the West, the merchant feels the pressure and control by foreign insurance companies, not official, with whom you can always negotiate.

“Every detail of the sprinkler system, for example, in the United States has been certified by FM Global, this is the highest quality control, which is obliged to comply with the Builder and the owner of the shopping center is still in the design phase. Otherwise you will not get insurance in case anything happens. We are allowed to put literally everything — so often on this vital equipment used cheap materials, mainly from China. Abroad, in Europe and the United States, the burden of huge payments of compensation to people in case of fire falls on the insurance company, we — don’t know whom. Most often, this in the end is engaged in the state…

Hence, flawed practice: the fire inspector came to check the object passed and then the fire suppression system actually sometimes turn off because they fear for a false positive.

Because the water sprinkler system when a false positive can cause damage to multimillion dollar equipment, the same furniture, slot machines. Domestic business on such losses do not agree,” — said an expert in the field of fire fighting equipment, the head of the company “tekhnoproekt” Nikolay Khakimov.

It is necessary to note one important caveat: no alterations, it is impossible to turn an industrial facility in a safe shopping center. In many countries it is completely prohibited. A partial ban is in the Russian legislation, but violations traditionally opened out of the ashes.

From the text of the expert opinion: “…even before entering the building in operation produced a change of functional purpose of buildings, namely the location of trade enterprises, which were not provided for project documentation. In accordance with the requirements of the [regulations] allowable floor area within the fire compartment* multi-storey buildings of trade enterprises should be no more than 2500 sq. m. In accordance with the project documentation area of the floor within a fire compartment provided 4,000 sq m”, — the document says. In other words, the forces and means to fight the fire for another 1500 squares were not incorporated initially.

Fire compartment is a part of the structure, which is highlighted by walls or beams with the normalized limits of the resistance of structures to fire. Barriers need to ensure that a fire outside to localization.

Another issue of concern to many: and why arrange the most visited places in the most hazardous areas on the upper floors?

Shopping malls gave rise to capitalism. One of the fundamental principles of these giant platforms is: “the building of the shopping center, along with elements of internal communication should contribute to more long finding a buyer for the shopping center.”

This dogma is stated in numerous tutorials on to trade. This literature primarily are future architects and designers. However, five storeys is too high shopping centre only for the Russians. In Asia a very popular shopping center up to 15 floors.