In the Crimea said that it will continue support of Donbass

In the Crimea said that it will continue support of Donbass

SIMFEROPOL, September 4 — RIA Novosti. Crimea will continue to provide humanitarian assistance and support to the breakaway people’s republics of Donbass, told reporters the head of Crimean Parliament Vladimir Konstantinov.


“Of course, Konstantinov said, answering the relevant question. — We stand in solidarity with the residents of Donbass”.

In his opinion, the murder of the head of the DNI sought to sow panic among the local population and to create insecurity, to show that all attempts to achieve justice and truth are futile.

The head of DNR Zakharchenko died 31 August as a result of explosion in cafe “Separable” in the center of Donetsk. Minister of incomes and fees of the self-proclaimed Republic Alexander Timofeev in the explosion were seriously injured. In addition, killing the guard Zakharchenko. According to the MOE, injured 11 people. The DPR authorities acknowledged the incident a terrorist attack. According to the acting head of the Republic Dmitry Trapeznikov, on suspicion of murder Zakharchenko detained several people, they confirmed that there was a diversion from Kiev. In turn, the security service of Ukraine has rejected allegations of involvement in the murder.

Russian President Vladimir Putin called the murder cowardly Zakharchenko, noting that those who chose the path of terror, do not want to seek a peaceful solution to the conflict. The official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said that there is little doubt that the murder of the head of DND is Kiev. The RF IC opened a criminal case.