In Syria, commented on the situation with the militants in Idlib

In Syria, commented on the situation with the militants in Idlib

DAMASCUS, 4 September — RIA Novosti. Military scenario of the liberation of Syria from the militants because of the number of features of the area seems more likely than a reconciliation agreement, said in an interview with RIA Novosti, the Minister of national reconciliation Ali Haidar Syria.


Idlib province in Northwest Syria remained the last stronghold of illegal armed formations in the country, including banned terrorist group “Dzhebhat EN-Nusra”*.

Idlib is different from other areas that there are many fighters, this is their last refuge, and Idlib trying to leave Turkey. Therefore, there are several factors that prevent a simple operation and the achievement of truce as before.Ali Hideminor national reconciliation in Syria

He noted that the situation differs from the one that was in the province of Damascus and in the South of the country, which previously was reached peace agreements with the groups.

“In other parts of the work went in two directions — truces and the military, is the basis of that was, but today to date, military action seems more probable than reconciliation, because of the features that were mentioned,” said Haidar.

He added that contacts with the goal of reconciliation is still being undertaken, but usually the Damascus led them against the civilian population in Idlib however, as previously reported by the Russian center for the reconciliation of the warring parties, the rebels arrested more than 500 supporters of dialogue with Damascus.

Haidar said, now that this secret and delicate negotiation process plays a major role, the Russian Centre for reconciliation, through which Turkey tries to make contact with the militants.

* A terrorist organization banned in Russia