In Russia came up to send tourists into the stratosphere on balloons

In Russia came up to send tourists into the stratosphere on balloons

MOSCOW, 4 September — RIA Novosti. The developers of the Russian system of tourism flights in the stratosphere launched at the height of 25.7 kilometers helium balloons space suit “Sokol” dummy “Valera” inside, according to a press release of the company “Stratonovich”.


“The upgrade was carried out on the cluster balloon, consisting of six balloons filled with helium. Parachute landing occurred 50 kilometers from the starting point. This launch was the first test of the future of tourism flights in the stratosphere”, — said in a statement received by RIA Novosti on Tuesday.

A trip into the stratosphere mannequin (it consisted of a camera instead of a head and sensors stuffed in the suit), called inside the company, “Valera”, went from Nikolaevsk, Volgograd region. A video of the flight were broadcast live.

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In the first test run were tested the hoist system of the cluster balloon system payload separation, the indications of temperature sensors in various parts of the suit, telecommunication and management.

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“Everything worked well, and now we will be able to create an Assembly capable of lifting a person in a spacesuit. It is not only cheaper than using large stratospheric balloon with a sealed capsule, but according to our calculations, a much more reliable”, — are reported words of one of the founders and chief engineer of the company “Stratonovich” Denis Efremov.

The next stage of the project, said in a press release, the company sees the creation of life support system for the spacesuit, is able to ensure the safe lifting men into the stratosphere and parachute descent to earth.

“Stratonovich” is a young company aiming to manned flights into the stratosphere.