VTSIOM predicts voter turnout on elections of the mayor of Moscow almost 32%

VTSIOM predicts voter turnout on elections of the mayor of Moscow almost 32%

MOSCOW, September 3. /TASS/ — According to the survey, the provisional leader called Sergei Sobyanin.


All-Russia centre of studying of public opinion (VTSIOM) predicts that turnout in the upcoming nationwide voting day on 9 September Moscow mayoral elections may be about 32%.

As follows from available TASS materials initiative poll “Electoral preferences of Muscovites”, held on 28-30 August, “the interest of Muscovites to the election in late August remained at the same level — the forecast turnout in the upcoming elections is 31.8%”. This, says poll, “corresponds to the level of 2013”.

Thus sociologists notice that “the election campaign has become more pronounced: only about a quarter of those who does not exclude the possibility to come to the polls (33%) say that have not seen campaign materials of any candidate”.

Among the candidates applying for the post of the capital mayor, the leader is the incumbent mayor, Sergei Sobyanin, specifies the poll. According to him, the forecast result of Sobyanin, who is running as self-nominated candidates increased from 65.5 per cent, according to a survey from 6 to 10 August to 69.4%, which captures the latest study.

“Second place goes to the candidate from the Communist party Vadim Kumin, the prognosis of which is also increased from 10.1% to 13.2%,” says VTSIOM. The remaining opposition candidates, according to sociologists, the “pass” position in the forecast, and “especially significantly decreased the calculated result [LDPR candidate] Mikhail Degtyarev, from 11.1% to 7.8%”. Indicators of the candidate “Fair Russia” Ilya Sviridov for the period decreased from 7.1% to 6.5% and the candidate of the “Union of citizens” Michael Balakina — from 4.3% to 1.4%, follows from the materials of VTSIOM.

At the same time, VTSIOM notes that “among those who “definitely intends” to take part in the elections, the visible remains the undecided voters (16%) who have not yet decided for which candidate to cast your vote”.