Source: the EU agreed on the extension of individual sanctions against Russia

Source: the EU agreed on the extension of individual sanctions against Russia

BRUSSELS, 3 September — RIA Novosti. Diplomats of the countries of the European Union agreed on the extension of individual sanctions against Russia, said a source in the EU institutions.


According to him, the restrictions will be extended for another six months.

The source added that this matter was considered by the permanent representatives of EU countries in the framework of the Coreper Committee. The final decision should be taken by the Council of the EU.

In addition, on Monday, two weeks before the formal expiration of the sanctions, the EU began a review of measures taken in connection with the “undermining of the sovereignty of Ukraine”.

The Russian foreign Ministry said that the Agency did not respond to the extension of the sanctions.

“They also accept them automatically, even without discussing. This was yesterday (the Czech President Milos) Zeman said that sanctions were taken just to extend on this much. But now lots of countries that incurred serious losses, not only image but also material. The talk already in many countries are that the sanctions should be canceled. They will not be in this situation Russia is developing its own way and to pay attention to these sanctions will not” — said the Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs Oleg Syromolotov.

In March 2014 the EU imposed restrictions against individual Russians and Ukrainians, whom he accused of undermining the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine. Since then, they have regularly extended for six months.

While the sanctions list is constantly expanded at the expense of citizens of Ukraine, the leaders of the breakaway Donetsk and Lugansk people’s republics and representatives of the militia, and by Russian politicians, public figures and legal entities. Now, the list includes 155 people and 44 entities.

The last time the EU extended the sanctions in March, and will expire September 15.

Moscow, in turn, has repeatedly rejected accusations of meddling in the Affairs of Ukraine and said that talking to her in the language of sanctions is counterproductive.