Rostekhnadzor will monitor radioactive contamination

Rostekhnadzor will monitor radioactive contamination

Before decommission a nuclear installation or waste storage, experts will examine the site on the “residual radioactive contamination”. This term was first planned to introduce in the Federal rules and regulations, follows from the draft order of Rostechnadzor. The document read “news”.


We are talking about the pollution of the buildings and environment man-made sources of radiation. The level should correspond to norms SanPiN, only in this case, the venue will be allowed to be people and conduct business.

According to the amendments, the operating organization shall conduct radiation surveys of all items subject to residual contamination. The results should be in the form of a report. It is necessary to calculate the “annual effective dose”, which will persist despite the conclusion of object from operation.

Thus, the RTN will establish criteria for termination of regulatory control of these facilities, explained “news” in a press-Department service. Development standards have also been recommended by the IAEA (International atomic energy Agency), said in Rostekhnadzor.