Posted by on Russian attacked live

Posted by on Russian attacked live

MOSCOW, 3 sen— news. In Donetsk on the Russian war correspondent and author of the project WarGonzo Seeds Pegova attacked by an unknown assailant during a live broadcast of the program “Time will tell” on the First channel.


The journalist was covering from the self-proclaimed DND. In turn it pushed out of the frame dressed in camouflage man. Pegova managed to evade and to continue the dialogue with the leading by Artem Caninum. At the same time on the background and a fight ensued.

Wow! On Pegova during the live broadcast of a military attack…

— Zurab (@AZZurabAZ) 3 Sep 2018

“Everything is fine. It was a provocation, absolutely inadequate person in the form. But the guys now took him away,” — commented on the incident, posted by.

Answering the question Scheinin, the journalist said that after the murder of the head of DND, the situation in the Republic “quite nervous”.

“But people like this guy who are not able to hold in the hands, they are not with us. Those who are with us and we never relaxed, never for a moment gave vent to their emotions. The guys are all ready — I’m talking specifically about your friends: battalion “Sparta” battalion “Somalia” (battalions of the militia DND. — Approx. ed.), the brigade “Fifteen”. They keep themselves in the rough hands and ready at any moment to respond harshly to any provocation,” said Pegov.

About the motives and identity of the assailant are not yet known.

Murder Zakharchenko

On Friday evening, the restaurant “Separable” explosion, which killed the head of the DND Alexander Zakharchenko. Minister of incomes and fees of the self-proclaimed Republic Alexander Timofeev was seriously injured. In addition, killing the guard Zakharchenko. According to the MOE, as a result of the incident injured 11 people.