American demanded $1 million for 17 years in prison by mistake judges

American demanded $1 million for 17 years in prison by mistake judges

The real culprit turned out to be his DoppelgangeR.


42-year-old Richard Jones, of Kansas 17 years ago was behind bars for having allegedly punched the woman in the store and took away her phone. Despite a good alibi and reputation, the court held that to sit Jones is 19 years old. But two years before the end of this period the American, which is irrelevant to the crime had learned that the real robber sits with him in the same prison (already for another matter).

The truth was discovered accidentally when one of my friends in prison told Richard that here is a man like him as two drops of water.

He went to prison for a crime a lookalike may have done. Now he wants $1.1 million

THE NEWS JUNKIE DAIL (@marciaalane1) September 3, 2018

Ricky Amos (left), Richard Jones (right)

It turned out that the identical looks and similar names played a crucial role in sentencing Jones. Because it was then “identified” numerous witnesses.

The real culprit was also a native of Kansas 41-year-old Ricky Amos, which really looks like a twin brother Jones. When Richard learned about the existence of a double, he asked for help in the organization of the Innocence Project and with their help was able to prove that is not the crime for which he is sitting, not the slightest relationship.

Jones was released in 2017, and at the end of August 2018 presented to the leadership of the state claim in the amount of $ 1 million for spent behind bars for 17 years. It requires a free education for their daughters, who grew up without it, and health insurance for the whole family. In addition, Richard demands to remove his erroneous conviction, to reimburse spending on lawyers, and to provide the social worker and psychologist.