Rocket attack on Damascus was “short circuit” in stock ammunition

Rocket attack on Damascus was “short circuit” in stock ammunition

Israel has carried out a rocket attack on the suburbs of Damascus. About it reports Reuters, citing Syrian state media.


According to authorities, the Mezze airbase was not under fire, and explosions at a nearby ammunition dump began as a result of a short circuit. However, in social networks appear pictures advanced interceptor missiles.

Earlier, on 2 September, the newspaper The Times of Israel reported that with high probability, the impact was applied to the aircraft of the Israel defense forces. Syrian media also reported on the strike, adding that the missiles were intercepted by air defense systems.

About victims information is not available.

Syria and Israel are technically at war since 1973, however, the clashes were extremely rare before the civil war in Syria. May 8, Israel put its troops on high alert to attack from Syria, launched air defense and ordered to open bomb shelters on the Golan heights. Later, the air force launched several attacks on Syria.