Died star of the TV series “Santa Barbara”

Died star of the TV series “Santa Barbara”

MOSCOW, 2 sen — RIA of news. In the US, on 87-m to year of life has died the star of “soap operas” Susan brown. This publication reports The Hollywood Reporter.


Information about her death confirmed Executive producer Frank Valentini. In his tweet, he expressed condolences to the families of brown and all who knew her.

His career brown began in 1977. The Russian viewer, the actress remembered role in the series “Santa Barbara” in which she played the role of Janet lane, mother of Victoria lane.

Acting career brown graduated in 2004, the last time starring in the TV series “General hospital.”

“Santa Barbara” — a soap Opera that aired in the US from 30 July 1984 to January 15, 1993. Just removed 2137 series. The series tells about the life of a family of Cappello of Santa Barbara. In Russia telesia was popular among Housewives. The broadcast began on 2 January 1992 with 217 series when at home the show was already over and ended in 2002 on 2040-m episode.