The defense Ministry has accused the US of training militants in Syria

The defense Ministry has accused the US of training militants in Syria

Early on Saturday morning near Palmyra military clashes between Syrian government forces with a group of militants. This was reported by the Center for conciliation of conflicting parties, the Russian defense Ministry.


“As a result of clashes two terrorists killed, two taken prisoner and give evidence”, — is spoken in the message center, received by the editors.

During the interrogation, captured militants have told me that they were from the gang “Eastern lions,” which employs about 500 people. Their training camp is near a us military base in the heart of the village of al-TANF.

“The captured terrorist said that to commit the action in the preparation of their group had participated and American instructors as well as with the American base to supply weapons and ammunition”, — said Russian military.

These statements confirm once again that at the base of the United States are centers for training militants, “whose training is carried out, in particular, and American instructors to destabilize the situation in Syria,” said Russian defense Ministry.

The militants tried to break in the direction of Palmyra, had planned a series of terrorist attacks, to allow the passage of other members of the group to capture the city, said the defense Ministry.

Near the base of the militants is the largest refugee camp, Ryban, which houses over 60,000 women and children from Raqqa and Deir-ez-Zor, which are essentially “human shields” for the militants, said the defense Ministry.