The court in new Jersey decided to give the homeless the money that was raised for him

The court in new Jersey decided to give the homeless the money that was raised for him

The court in new Jersey demanded that the American Kate McClure to give money to a homeless johnny Bobbito, which she collected for him at the end of 2017. On 30 August, according to local site NJ.


The court ruled that until August 31 McClure gave Bobbito all remaining funds and in a period of 10 days provided a report, where did the money collected.

In November 2017 homeless helped McClure when she ran out of gas on the way to Philadelphia. Bobbitt spent the last $20 to buy her fuel. After that, McClure several times visited him to thank. She gave him warm clothes and food.

Later she launched a campaign to raise funds on the crowdfunding platform GoFundMe. She wanted to raise $10 thousand to help Bobbito to take shelter. In the end, she has collected more than $400 thousand. McClure said that the money she will buy Bobbito house and car, of which he had dreamed.

Publication of Johnny Bobbitt Jr. (@johnnys__journey) 27 APR 2018 9:21 PDT

During the download an error has occurred.In August 2018 Bobbitt accused McClure that she never gave him the money. She put him in the motorhome, and instead of “the dream machine” I bought him an old pickup truck, which soon broke.NewsHow to help a homeless person freezes: 4 simple steps

He noted that the car and caravan were purchased in the name of McClure, so he could not sell them. She later sold the motorhome, so Bobbitt was again under the bridge.

McClure said that stopped to help Bobbito because he spent money on drugs. According to her, she gave him $25 thousand, but he immediately spent. Bobbitt admitted that he has a drug addiction. He said McClure had given him $15 a day, and referred to $25 thousand he gave to family and friends.

Bobbitt now lives in a hotel. According to him, McClure and her partner spent the collected money on travel, a new car and gambling.