New flashmob: Twitter users explained their strange nicknames

New flashmob: Twitter users explained their strange nicknames

This is a very interesting history.


At the end of August a Twitter user Lana Ipecac launched an informative conversation on the social network. She invited people to tell the history of their unusual nicknames. And want found a lot.

tell us about your nickname in the tweet (if it’s not your passport name)

which means / why?

— Lana Ipecac (@Lana_Ipekakuana) August 30, 2018

For example, a girl under the name “I can run” confessed that a year ago he broke two legs and learned to walk again and run.

And one under the name of “Poklady in place” was inspired when I heard this phrase from customers in the store.

And a lot of these stories. See for yourself.

It is a metaphor of decisive action in terms of lack of information, the decisive step into the unknown

— a blow in the hollow (@nothing2report) August 30, 2018

Left since high school, when illiterate literature teacher said that “… heroes in our time will not meet, but in theirs!..”

hero of theirs time (@_dar_Wins_) August 30, 2018

I used to be indifferent to the smell of any perfume. and once sensed just unreal beautiful and fell in love with them. they smell like honey as I am now) and I’m plump and soft as a muffin

honey bun (@marichouette) August 31, 2018

Anansie – Anastasia + pineapple. I’m allergic to pineapples , I’m not at odds at all explains))

— ananasiia (@WhiteDisease) August 30, 2018

Was planningplanning improvement project yourself – “Me-in 2.0” (or metwodotzero). The rejection of bad habitsthe acquisition of good. In the end, he began to drink more.

— me 2.0 (@metwodotzero) August 30, 2018

A translation of the word “dumpling”. Because I love dumplings.

— A Boiled Ear (@WhyCows_NotFly) August 31, 2018

The fact that my height is 168 cm
My friend came up with a perfectly logical and ironic idea to sign me so in phone. And at work they call me the Burj Khalifa.

Play-skyscraper (@FlyerWins) August 31, 2018

just thought that this phrase and the chain of associations that follow it, sewn, half of our cultural code

— I only ask (@koloson) August 30, 2018

Tea bags-selyscha underestimated the power porabotal everything. How could we lived without them? The tea bags are wonderful and without them our world would not be so colorful this great variety of bright, colorful emotions and tastes.

— A damp Tea Bag (@qbizPb2q4xVviHq) August 30, 2018

I Burr, but went to group speech therapy in kindergarten. Jokes are not able. Belarusian blood pumping

— Burr and deprived of a sense of humor Belarus||0.5 k (@vlasoov) August 31, 2018

Often, dark eyes and feel old

— DAD LOST his SIGHT (@Blindfather1) August 31, 2018