Made shooting like humpback whales create the rainbow

Made shooting like humpback whales create the rainbow

In the national Park “Bereginya” now more than 40 huge mammals.


In the group of the National Park “Keeper” posted a wonderful shot, like I’m floating three humpback whales. Under the video, explains: “After a long deep dive, the Humpbacks spend some time near the water surface. The whales slowly and gracefully moving, make the series visible, with a ringing whistle, exhalations, and then a high angle, showing tail blades, descend in search of food”.

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In the comments group member wrote: “Exhale the rainbow!” And really produced by the whale splashing water in the sun becomes like a rainbow. Now in the Park you can observe clusters of up to 40 humpback whales in the Bay of Pentegra in the North-Western part of the Senyavin Strait.

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