CNN learned about the list of targets for U.S. strikes on Syria

CNN learned about the list of targets for U.S. strikes on Syria

US intelligence and military experts made a preliminary list of infrastructure facilities in Syria, which the United States could strike airstrike. About it on August 31, reported CNN, citing us officials.


The list includes Syrian objects that are allegedly linked to chemical weapons production.

According to the channel, the decision to strike is pending. However, the list will give the Pentagon if the region will be the chemical attack.

When this prepared list will speed up the operation if the US President Donald trump would give the order to strike.

CNN also notes that the Pentagon is closely watching the actions of the Syrian authorities, who are now moving helicopters to the bases of the rebels, and the Russian group in the Mediterranean, writes “the”.

On 26 August the Russian defense Ministry warned of possible provocations with the use of chemical weapons in Syria, which is prepared by the militants of the terrorist group “Hayat Tahrir Al-sham” (banned in Russia) with the active assistance of British intelligence. The United States intends to take advantage of this provocation, said the Agency.

The US state Department when it announced it was “proportionate answer” in the case of the use of chemical weapons by Syrian troops.

However, the official representative of the defence Department of the USA Sean Robertson August 31, has described as absurd allegations that Washington will use the plan in Syria chemical attack as a pretext to strike.

Washington has repeatedly groundlessly accused Damascus in the use of chemical weapons and on this basis subjected to rocket attacks the territory of the Arab Republic. Sources of evidence were mainly materials sponsored by the United States non-governmental organization “White helmets”.