5 occult books from the library Petrosyan and Stepanenko

5 occult books from the library Petrosyan and Stepanenko

Divorce humorists Elena Stepanenko and Evgeny Petrosyan, and without a decent sketch Saturday Night Live, continues to acquire unexpected details. Recently it became known that Stepanenko claims the number of “occult books” of the total Petrosian library. Experts estimate the cost of antique books in three million roubles.


Because the divorce process is the sum of 1.5 billion, hardly the actions Stepanenko due solely to financial considerations. Intellectual values “occult” writings on hypnosis, charms and history of magic — in our review.

Alfred Leman, “an Illustrated history of superstitions and magic”

“I’m sorry for the indelicate question: do you believe in magic? In witches, clairvoyants, monetary compensation?”, asked Petrosyan the audience in the monologue “Abnormal”. Himself a humorist in compensation definitely believe, as well as in the supernatural — at least, so says his colleague on “the Distorting mirror” Nikolay Bandurin. According to him, Petrosyan before performances laid the ears charmed metal plates so the comedian defended himself from the proceeds from the public negativity.

Science must not allow new hypotheses without first carefully all possibilities; on the contrary, superstition is at all times has all ready explanation.Alfred Leman,”an Illustrated history of superstitions and magic”

Why would he in this situation the book is the Danish psychologist Alfred Lehmann — the secret worse than what happened at the Dyatlov pass. This is a serious scientific work, which clearly says that belief in magic, telepathy, ghosts, and other superstitions based on “an incorrect interpretation made bad observations.” Leman driven at all, alchemists, astrologers, psychics, and even favorite Eugene Vaganice clairvoyants and sorcerers. In the 1990s Petrosyan consulted healer juna — she advised him not to divorce in order to avoid energy losses. Lehman would have considered this advice is unscientific and predicted humorist financial losses.

Verdict: should give to his wife.Alfred Moll, “Hypnotism. His theoretical basis and practical application”

The hypnotist Petrosyan, on the contrary, treated with humor — so, in 1989, he parodied Anatoly Kashpirovsky. It is possible that he just considered Kashpirovsky Amateur — in the end, the psychiatrist albert moll gave his patients the installation abruptly than teleserial. In the “Hypnosis” he describes in detail how entered them into a trance, and then put to sleep and taught them all sorts of hallucinations.

Here, therefore, a case in which a man falls into a hypnotic sleep, from what I opened in his mind the image of sleep. This method of hypnosis developed in Nancy and is known under the name Mansiiskogo method. Mister X. completely devoid of will. I not only can simple prohibition to deprive him of the possibility of movements, but kept in his power, and his sensual perception. With my words he believes that he hears the singing of a Canary hears music; he takes the handkerchief for the dog and my room for a Zoological garden.Alfred Moll’s”Hypnotism. His theoretical basis and practical application”

Moll was one of the first who began to use hypnosis in psychiatry, which caused a serious debate in scientific circles. It fiercely criticized, but this did not prevent “Hypnotism” to become very successful among ordinary people. Disputes psychiatrists they didn’t care, in contrast to prospects to get his neighbor to howl at the moon.

Verdict: useful for mass hypnosis sessions.Allan Kardec, “the gospel in the explanation of spiritualism”

One cannot be sure whether Petrosyan believes in reincarnation and spiritualism. However, in one interview he told about a very interesting meeting with the hare Krishnas, who reportedly said that in a past life Eugene Vaganych was one of the most enlightened people of Europe knew thirty languages. Perhaps that is what prompted Petrosian to read Allan Kardec (the philosopher in this life and the Gaulish druid in the past).

Moses opened up the way; Jesus continued the work; spiritism will finish it.Allan Kardec,”the gospel in the explanation of spiritualism”

The book, however, chose a rather strange — as the name implies, Kardec it interprets the Bible from the standpoint of spiritualism. Christianity pretty clearly articulates what awaits people in the afterlife, Kardec, however, it does not bother. He writes to the spiritualists, not only of Augustine the blessed, but Jesus Christ himself. In France XIX century, such speculation has brought Kardec thousands of fans. In Russia of the XXI century, he might be able to get them for under article 148 of the criminal code.

Verdict: urgently lose not to accidentally offend the feelings of believers.Hans Freimark, “the Occult and sexuality”

Another scientific (but utterly outdated) work in the “occult” library Petrosyan and Stepanenko. The title is quite eloquent — Freymark writes that all religions, superstitions and spiritual practices based on sex. Every few paragraphs the author notes that no assessments does not, but still suggests that all the trouble (both religious and sexual) is abstinence.

Free from all prejudices, we can harness these [occult] forces, resulting from the natural bases of our sexuality, but not in order to cast spells and to kill, and to beautify and enrich the lives of our neighbors.Hans Freimark”the Occult and sexuality”

He dispassionately describes the orgies of the priests of the phallic cults of the pagans and rituals of the knights Templar-homosexuals. To bring this all can only academician — Freimark not go into great detail and writes about sex are extremely dry.

The verdict: to give (away from sin).Nicholas Poznanski, “The Conspiracy. The experience of the study of the origin and development of charms formulae]”

Perhaps the most strange book from the list of requirements Stepanenko. It certainly would have adorned the library of the folklorist, but the average reader will hardly raise any interest. Neither sex nor hypnosis, nor of spiritualism — only heavy linguistic theory (in addition the book can be read only in the pre-revolutionary spelling).

Unto plots are used to seeing, naprotiv, manifestation of human folly. However, this is not so. Constant desire to find the cause of this phenomenon, to explain the inexplicable — so what was glavnym engine in the history of the conspiracy.Nikolay Poznansky”Conspiracy. The experience of the study of the origin and development of charms formulae]”

I think we don’t know something about Elena Stepanenko.

The verdict: to give the student-philologist.

Philip Vuyachich