The door or the beach: a optical illusion

The door or the beach: a optical illusion

The has become the subject of fierce disputes in the Network.


New optical illusion stirred up a social network: an ordinary door, painted blue, was so similar to the sea that many users are sure it is.

Is this a door, or a beach?
Don’t let this become the next ‘Black and Blue Dress’ please

— 9GAG (@9GAG) on 27 August 2018 R.

The photo “beach” published entertainment portal 9GAG on Twitter. After a few hours the picture was shared thousands of users.

If you look at the frame vertically, it seems that a fragment of the conventional door. But it is necessary to rotate a picture horizontally, and the optical illusion begins to mislead.

“The beach” became a subject of fierce disputes. Some users claim that the picture was actually taken on the beach, and the people with him “removed” using Photoshop, and even demonstrate “original”. Other convict jokers that they “finished” tourists.

This image has already been altered to remove the people who were bathing in the beach. Here’s the original

— Ric: (@tuitmenos) 27 August 2018 R.

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