Roskomnadzor will not be able to defeat the Telegram

Roskomnadzor will not be able to defeat the Telegram

The interdepartmental Commission which structure included representatives of the FSB, Roskomnadzor, the Ministry of digital development, communications and mass communications, is testing new technology that could allow efficient blocking of Telegram and other banned resources after the failure of previous attempts to block access to messenger, Pavel Durov, writes Reuters.


About the new round of months-long confrontation of Roskomnadzor Telegram and its possible results of the “recent comments” and talked to the Director of ANO “Infoculture” Ivan Bigtiny.

— Can Roskomnadzor to make the Telegram in Russia ceased to earn? Yes, to undermine the business he can. Telegram is still in the investment story, it has no monetization.

Can totally Roskomnadzor to block Telegram that they were never able to use more of in Russia? Can’t. There are a lot of VPN channels through which people come to the messenger. All the VPN in Russia, they can’t block for various reasons.

Whether there will be further Telegram to play cat and mouse with the Roskomnadzor? Of course it will. It depends on how much money Pavel Durov is willing to spend on this game.

They can implement p2p, start working on the model Tor and other methods. This is the story of the arms race. Just the fact that for the first time in a long time LV as one of the regulators faced a very serious opponent who is willing to invest in tools to circumvent locks.

In many other countries, blocking is much tougher because of nature. For example, in Arab countries, where only all over the country provider totally blocks all.

There are various American non-profit foundations, sponsored by the United States that help to circumvent the blocking, social organization, Tor and other services. Mechanisms of bypass of locks exist, are developed and will develop.

Can the RKN to block anything and everything? Honestly, when Russian network architecture is expensive. The situation is now, Telegram runs through the app itself. For example, it will use applied mechanisms — for example, the built-in proxy server through which the application will establish a VPN tunnel.

As soon as the Telegram will build a VPN inside yourself, it will work. So the story of the struggle of RKN and Telegram is a story of endless shame the RCN. Maybe detection tools will improve, but globally will change nothing.