Poklonskaya remembered about conscience, after Putin’s speech on pensions

Poklonskaya remembered about conscience, after Putin’s speech on pensions

The Deputy of the state Duma Natalia Poklonskaya said that after the speech of Russian President Vladimir Putin, she could not doubt the adoption of the bill to raise the retirement age. She wrote about this on his page in Facebook on Friday, August 31.


“The President’s speech, which until recently all supported the election clearly revealed the prospects (of the law),” wrote Taylor, adding that she always acted and will act according to conscience.

The MP also shared his observations about what hinders the development of Russia: “injustice, judicial and law-enforcement arbitrariness, clan and arrogance of officials”.

“It is noteworthy that after the revolution of 1917, Russia always save the common people, and destroy those who have long had their eye not only on its natural wealth and resources, but also on overseas Islands and Pacific tax havens. On pensions they think is funny and no reason. That is why it is “Patriotic” and under the camera they are ready to refuse all public benefits,” added Taylor.

August 29, Vladimir Putin during a televised address to the nation announced the relaxing of regulations for governmental reform. He stressed that the changes have only one goal — ensuring stability of the pension system and well-being of older people.

Russia voted against the document, which the state Duma on 19 July approved in the first reading.

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