In Washington spotted the raccoon-shaper

In Washington spotted the raccoon-shaper

Gatecrasher toured the historic city centre.


CCTV camera installed in the bus circulating around the historical center, Washington, DC (USA), captured “garbage Panda”, who decided to ride without a ticket, caught the bus outside.

Look who decided to take a ride on the bus! Take the DC Circulator National Mall Route around the National Mall and Memorial Parks. It’s only a dollar! Spotting wildlife is not guaranteed…

Published National Mall and Memorial Parks on Sunday, 26 August 2018At boot time the error occurred.

The raccoon drove along the National Mall — the complex of city attractions. The U.S. national Park service published a photo siapera with the caption: “Look who decided to take the bus. Travel on the Shuttle through the National Mall only costs a dollar, take a ride. However, the presence of the raccoon had no guarantee”.