55 years ago, was established a “hot line” between the USSR and the USA

55 years ago, was established a “hot line” between the USSR and the USA

August 30, marks 55 years since the establishment of the “hotline” between the US and the Soviet Union, designed to prevent potential conflicts, and to serve as a channel for the exchange of opinions in emergency situations. For many years the line was one of the tools for the preservation of peace in the era of the cold war.


“The Cuban crisis has highlighted the need for reliable technical means of communication between Moscow and Washington,” wrote about installing a direct connection between the Kremlin and the White house the Soviet Ambassador to U.S. Anatoly Dobrynin.

The Ambassador recalls that a proposal to establish a direct line of communication between the two countries were the United States. A contract for its installation was signed during talks in Geneva in June 1963.

Despite the fact that the offer came from Washington in the Memorandum of the state Department were given tribute to the efforts of the USSR to establish a “hot line” in 1954.

As noted by the website of the state Department, the Soviet Union became the first country proposing to create protective mechanisms against accidental nuclear attack.

Four years later a filing with the US in Geneva, a conference was held on this subject, however, to the results, the participants did not come.

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However, the efforts of both parties was successful and the first bilateral agreement between the USA and the USSR “hot line” was created. Here is how to define its purpose the us government: “According to the United States, this line should generally be reserved for use in emergencies; that is, for example, it can be used for messages of a military crisis, which could directly threaten the safety of any of the participating States…”.

To establish a direct line of parties came because of the most severe Caribbean crisis, because of which the two nuclear powers have stopped literally in a step from the precipice of nuclear war.

The reason was a secret location in Cuba medium-range missiles capable of reaching the United States. The then head of the USSR Nikita Khrushchev took these actions in response to the deployment of American medium-range missiles of the type “Jupiter” in Turkey, which could easily reach Soviet territory.

War was averted through diplomacy, as well as the letter to Khrushchev that U.S. President John F. Kennedy to compromise. The conflict was resolved in 13 days. Perhaps the leaders of both States would need in less time, if they establish a direct connection.

“There is a direct relationship between governments has become a kind of benchmark in determining the status of a great power,” — wrote in the book “Modern diplomacy” Viktor Popov.