The show must go on: Michael Jackson after death true to yourself

The show must go on: Michael Jackson after death true to yourself

The king of pop would have turned 60 years old.


Wednesday, August 29, would have turned 60 years of Michael Jackson. He did not doubt, because I sincerely was going to live forever. What is probably very amused someone in the office of heaven, as he left this world at the age of 50 years. But he has had many. At least become one of the major figures of musical pop culture, perhaps one comparable in scale only with Elvis Presley (they, incidentally, have a lot in common — not just wildly popular and tragic death in the Prime of life, but the ties of kinship). Details — in the material of the portal

High five

Michael Jackson grew up in a large family in Indiana. The father-despot often beat boy (as, indeed, and the other eight offspring), that the obvious way left an imprint on the psyche of the child. But there were pluses: Michael took in a family group Jackson 5, which consisted of his brothers.

Soon, Jackson became a leading singer and the teenage quintet a few years has successfully performed at various establishments across America. Do not, of course, to believe that it was the stadiums basically had to settle for bars and strip clubs. However, life was quite enough.

By the mid 1970s the popularity of the ensemble began to fall and soon, the Jackson 5 ceased to exist. About the other four brothers since then, and one almost heard. The relative popularity achieved, oddly enough, Michael’s sister La Toya and Jennette, which in the Jackson 5 took gender. But the real superstar in this family was the only one.

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World fame came to Jackson in 1982 with the Thriller album. On the planet sold 109 million copies of this album — this record has still not managed to beat anyone.

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Michael didn’t like to waste your time on trifles. He considered himself the best and has always stressed it in any way. He especially did not like to skimp on the clips. Scream video, filmed using the most modern computer graphics for $7 million is still the most expensive in history. Clip Bad cost slightly cheaper, but the Director was invited the Martin Scorsese. Well, Thriller is not even a clip, but rather a short film in the spirit of popular horror.

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Don’t forget at the same time Dzeko and childhood dreams. So, he purchased a ranch of Neverland, which staged an entire amusement Park for themselves and their guests, as well as bought the rights to several songs of their idols The Beatles. The latter was the cause of his quarrel with Paul McCartney, who had views of their creations.

Let say

Michael Jackson has been shrouded in various myths. Two main was that he had transplanted myself to become white, and that sleeping in a hyperbaric chamber. Both, apparently, not true. The skin Jackson really had to be transplanted after the accident with the pyrotechnics at a concert in 1984. After this incident, on the face of the king of pop music began to show white spots and he had to use the creams. As for the chamber, that Michael once was photographed in it on the opening of the children’s burn center, which immediately gave rise to rumors.

However, the actor never tried to deny it all — every sensation was on his hand. The only thing you can say for sure: Jackson was terrified of germs. If the mask, he from time to time still removed, then the famous glove with diamond — never, even when shaking hands with the first persons of the States. It can be understood: after all, he was going to live until at least 150 years.

Children’s surprise

In the last years of his life Michael Jackson, his name, alas, was associated more with music, and with pedophile scandals. Dzeko was very fond of children, donated huge sums to charity and was often invited children at Neverland, often overnight.