The pensioner from Nizhny Tagil had built a house in the pines neighbours

The pensioner from Nizhny Tagil had built a house in the pines neighbours

The man refuses to leave and plans to organize that tour.


In the garden Association “Zheleznodorozhnik” in Nizhny Tagil drama was unbelievable. 66-year-old pensioner Yuri Stepanov literally captured the pine trees growing on neighboring property, and built on top of them house.

This is only possible in Russia ?

In Nizhny Tagil retired he built a house in the pines neighbors and refused to bear it. The man had electricity, hung the flag and looks forward to taking guests there, and intends to make a bridge in grove.
He plans to invite Putin

— (Not)serious Mead (@russiaspeaks) August 29, 2018

According to the owner of this land Irina Chukanova, no conflict with a neighbor until recently, she was not. Only in the spring of 2018 Stepanov began to ask to cut down the trees for cones and needles, which are supposedly showered on his site.

In late summer, taking advantage of the fact that uncooperative neighbors went on vacation, the bright-eyed pensioner self-cut down the tops of the pine trees and at a height of 18 meters is a Playground. Later he built a house there, held to his electricity, and hung over him the flag.

On property claims neighbors the man replies that the house is in the air, not on the site Tukanovich. In addition, he threatens his plans to equip the surrounding area and arrange excursions here for everyone.

According to neighbors, Stepanov often goes without clothes, and the area around his house in the trees is very dangerous due to the fact that occasionally drop tools and boards. Visits of journalists and the district while any results has not brought, and the family Tukanovich preparing documents to the court.