Kamchatka took a picture of a bear-aesthete

Kamchatka took a picture of a bear-aesthete

Kronotsky reserve has published pictures of the bear, who every morning greets the dawn.


MOSCOW, 30 Jul — RIA Novosti. “They’re really beautiful,” written by the staff of the reserve.

Bear every morning greets the sunrise on the coast of the Bay of Chazhma in the Kronotsky nature reserve. Because they really great? Authors photo: Alexey Maslov and Nina Kim . #kronoki #kronotskyreserve #kamchatka #sunrise #nature #bears #travel #savetheplanet #chroniclesofriddick #kamchatskaia #has #diapered #dawn #shrinkpriority

Publication of the Kronotsky reserve (@kronoki.ru) 28 Aug 2018 10:44 PDT

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“I would in his place have done so — comment on photos of users of social networks. — Bear — Estet”.

The opportunity to observe bears in their natural environment attracts tourists to Kamchatka. For example, on the Kuril lake you can see about 30 of the bears, they catch fish, which itself is almost jumping them in the mouth.

“The day the animals is this: at night they fished and eaten in the winter, a day of rest. So watch them in the morning and evening,” explains the travel agencies.