How Vladimir Putin has changed the pension reform

How Vladimir Putin has changed the pension reform

The most important of the televised address of the President.


  • To raise the retirement age for women to 60 years for men to 65 years.
  • To enter the social category “citizens of pre-retirement age” for a 55 year old women and 60 year old men.
  • Allow mothers with many children to retire early: if you have three children — 57 years; four children, 56 years; five children — within 50 years.
  • Three years to reduce seniority, giving the right to early retirementfor women and to 37 years for men — up to 42 years.
  • To grant the right to draw a pension six months before the Russians, who were to retire in the next two years under the old legislation.
  • To increase from 2019 unemployment benefits for those approaching retirement age — from 4 thousand 900 rubles to 11 thousand 280 rubles. and set the repayment period of one year.
  • To introduce administrative and criminal liability for employerswho don’t hire people close to retirement age and dismiss them.
  • Offer real incentives for businessemployers to be encouraged to take and keep at work citizens approaching retirement age;
  • Benefits for citizens of pre-retirement age tax, payment of utilities and transport;
  • To provide employees approaching retirement age 2 days for a free check-up with pay;
  • Approve the program for professional development for the citizens of pre-retirement age;
  • To preserve the pension benefits of miners and Chernobyl;
  • To maintain the current terms of appointment of pensions for the indigenous peoples of the North.