Chapter Ulyanovsk and Vladimir regions praised Putin’s position on pensions

Chapter Ulyanovsk and Vladimir regions praised Putin’s position on pensions

The governors of the Vladimir and Ulyanovsk region Sergey Morozov and Svetlana Orlova supported the proposal of President Vladimir Putin’s changes in pension legislation.


“It is encouraging that our initiatives and proposals have been heard and reflected in the position of President. The important thing is that finally, at the state level is a discussion of a very important question that “United Russia” has raised more 2013 — is age discrimination older workers of working age,” — quoted Morozov’s press-service.

According to him, it is necessary not only to protect labor rights of citizens approaching retirement age, and also to toughen responsibility of employers for “age discrimination”.

Another important point is the preservation of the unique for our country social Institute, “Institute of grandmothers.” In this regard, it is the right decision to set the retirement age at 60 years, which will be adjusted downwards depending on the number of children.Sergei Molotovribbentrop Ulyanovsk region

“In Russian families the younger generation has grown at the hands of senior moms and grandmothers. And the change in pension legislation is intended to stabilize the demographic balance and to provide a decent standard of living of people in retirement age” — said Ulyanovsk Governor.

The head of the Vladimir region Svetlana Orlova also supported Putin’s proposal for pension changes.

“From the history of his work I remember when blank was the budget of the pension Fund. When the whole country went on strike and retired people are not paid. Now it’s different. Pensions are paid without delays, the benefits taken into account. But we were absolutely right to say Mr President, openly referring to people that we should do this. What were women — please, it would be 60. Those who go now, maybe in half a year before to do it”, — quotes “Ren-TV” Orlov.