The battle for scallops: French and British fishermen have faced in the sea

The battle for scallops: French and British fishermen have faced in the sea

French fishermen accused of assaulting English counterparts with stones and smoke grenades. In the night of Tuesday off the coast of Normandy there was a skirmish in which the French party was attended by 35 fishing boats. The fishermen of the two countries came to blows over the right to catch scallops.


Maritime collision occurred at 22 kilometers from the coast of Normandy, in the Bay of the Seine.

This area is rich in scallops. The British fishermen have the legal right to catch them, but the presence of the British don’t like French fishermen, who believe that their colleagues extract too much shellfish.

Now the British fishermen hope to obtain protection from the government, and the French are afraid of losing one of their “most important resource”.

What happened?

In the night of Tuesday 35 French fishing boats gathered in the Bay and moved in the direction of the area where the British were extracted shellfish to protest against the “looting” of scallops.

The French wanted to prevent the British, and the collision occurred. Apparently, someone threw stones, but no injuries.Dimitri Rogovtseva Norman fishing Department

Numerical advantage was on the side of the French against their 35 boats from the British was only five. In the end they had to retreat back to England across the channel. In the skirmish had damaged several boats, two British ships — Golden Promise and Joanna C — returned to port of Brixham with broken Windows.

British fishermen told me that the French surrounded them and started throwing them at the boats stones and scraps of iron chains. In a video released by the French media, is seen as a Scottish ship “Haybarn-3” collides with another boat.

British and French fishermen clash in shocking scenes off the coast of Normandy in an ongoing dispute over scallops.

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Why the collision happened now?

Friction between the fishermen began about 15 years ago, but over the last five years has been a contract: a large British ship came to the area in exchange for small boats did not prevent to work there. However, the British had the advantage of French laws allow you to get scallops only on the first of October to 15 may, and the British can catch them throughout the year.

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This displeased the French this year to cancel the agreement.

“For the British it’s like a free bar — they can catch all you want, where you want and when they want,” complains Dimitri Rogoff.