Media calculated how many stars and billionaires earn per hour

Media calculated how many stars and billionaires earn per hour

News portal Business Insider has calculated how much money per hour to earn the most famous stars of show business and billionaires. The counting was carried out on the basis of information on the income of celebrities of magazine Forbes.


The leader in the rating was the actor George Clooney with an hourly salary of $ 27 283. Second place was taken by the reality star and model Kylie Jenner with a salary 006 19 dollars an hour. The three locked actor Dwayne Johnson with an hourly salary of $ 14 155.

Next on the list are actress and TV presenter Ellen DeGeneres (9 988$), basketball player LeBron James (9 760 dollars) and singer Taylor swift (9 132 dollars) and beyoncé (6 849).

In the ranking of billionaires in the first place with an overwhelming margin took the head of Amazon Jeff Bezos, who earns 4 474 885 dollars an hour. Second place went to the founder of Facebook mark Zuckerberg with the index 1 712 328 dollars.

Also the rating included the head of Walmart Edis Walton (1 392 694 dollars), investor Warren Buffett ($958 904), the founder of Google Larry page (924 657 dollars), the head of Tesla Ilon Musk (684 931 dollars) and also the Creator of Microsoft bill gates (456 621 dollars).