Macron urged to reduce Europe’s dependence on the US in security matters

Macron urged to reduce Europe’s dependence on the US in security matters

The President of France Emmanuel macron during a tour in Denmark and Finland raised questions on the strengthening of European security and reduce dependence on the United States.


Moreover, the French leader considers it necessary to open the discussion of this issue in Russia. “Газета.Ru” understood, it is possible to resume cooperation between the two countries and in what areas it is achievable.

The issue of strengthening European security, the President of France Emmanuel macron raised at the meeting with the Prime Minister of Denmark Lars løkke Rasmussen. “I think Denmark is quite modest in its European commitments,” macron said on August 28 at a press conference following the meeting.

A hint of Macron attitude to the fact that Denmark, as an EU member, does not participate in the discussion of the defence, although in recent years the debate on this issue in Denmark is still underway — it has intensified as time Rasmussen.

After Denmark, the Makron is going to Finland, and this choice is also not accidental.

Finland is not a NATO member, but is interested in the cooperation with the EU in the field of defense. Thus Helsinki also maintains good relations with Moscow, although supporting the anti-Russian sanctions from the EU.

A mini tour of the Macron in Europe is the opportunity to discuss with colleagues the issues of European security. “The security of the EU should no longer depend on US,” said macron at the meeting with the ambassadors on Monday, August 27.

Moreover, the French President called “to start a comprehensive discussion on these issues with all partners of Europe, including Russia and Turkey.”

As noted in his comments to the Associated Press, the statements of Macron on the need to reduce dependence on the United States indicate the beginning of a revision of relations with the United States Donald trump.

The authors of the AP also noted that macron has repeatedly tried to convince trump not to get out of the Paris climate agreement and the Iranian nuclear deal. The French leader also urged trump to impose duties on steel and aluminium from Europe.

However, despite the mutual sympathy, concessions trump never went. In addition, the French President is not happy and US pressure on the Europeans in connection with the unilateral exit of Washington from the Joint comprehensive plan of action on Iran’s nuclear program.

For Paris, it turned to economic loss, fear of US sanctions, a major French company was forced to withdraw from the Iranian market.

As President of France, Makron “tried to find common ground” with trump serving as a mediator in the dialogue between the EU and the United States, recalls in an interview with “Газетой.Ru” the head of the Center of the French researches of Institute of Europe Yury Rubinsky. To do this, as did the French leader, he had every reason, as unlike Germany, France has nuclear power status and a seat in the UN security Council. However, to establish a dialogue failed.

At the same time, the expert notes that, speaking about the need to strengthen the security of Europe without regard to the United States, the macron is followed by German Chancellor Angela Merkel. In may 2017, Merkel also said that the time when Europe could rely on the United States, passed.

According to Rybinskogo, we are not talking about a “revolutionary turn”, and the desire of the Macron to take advantage of the situation that is emerging in the United States. We are talking about the attacks on trump’s political ‘ opponents, the isolationist tendencies of Washington and the midterm elections in USA in November.

In turn, head of the sector for strategic assessments IMEMO name Primakov Sergey Utkin also notes that “nothing new there”.

“Calls for greater autonomy of the EU in the security sphere has become a common place among centrist European politicians. So while the macron nicely said, but for European politicians it may not have any significant practical an investigation,” — said the expert, noting that some movement in this direction came after Brexit.

However, any radical steps until it’s to be expected, he said. EU member States are busy with the elections to the European Parliament in 2019, the formation of the new European Commission and the actual output of Britain from the EU.