In Yakutia rain fell from bed bugs

In Yakutia rain fell from bed bugs

YAKUTSK, 29 Jul — RIA Novosti. A rain of bugs fell gribskov in Amginsky district of Yakutia, the press service of the Ministry of environment of Yakutia.


In amginskiy inspection of nature protection of 28 August we received the information that on the territory Altanskiy naslega discovered unknown insect. Environmentalists, in consultation with the office of Rospotrebnadzor of the Republic sent insect samples to study in the Institute of biological problems of the cryolithozone in Yakutsk.

The Institute confirmed that this bug grebski of the family Corixidae. According to scientists-entomologists, earlier in amginskiy district and Central Yakutia have been cases “Coricidin rains”.

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“In the years 1917-20 have been cases when many bugs-corexit night flew on the lights and fell to the ground as rain. This rare incident was repeated in the late summer of 1994 in the village of Amga. It was around this time that people can see the myriad millions of corexit 6 kilometers from the village. Now just at this time they had a season of migration, people are not dangerous”, — said the scientists.