As Vladimir Putin softened the controversial initiative

As Vladimir Putin softened the controversial initiative

On 28 August, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the government’s pension reform “a balanced and informal approach.” “B” remembered instances when the President softened or dismissed high-profile initiatives, contention and criticism in society.


21 December 2004 Vladimir Putin vetoed the law “About restrictions of retail and consumption (drinking) of beer”. The President did not suit the most radical points of law. In fact, he agreed with the request of deputies to prohibit the sale of beer to minors, as well as in sports and recreation and cultural organizations and sports facilities. Concerning the retail sale of beer and restrictions on its consumption, Vladimir Putin proposed to delegate these powers to local authorities. The President also disagreed with the requirement to ban drinking on the street non-alcoholic beer. 9 February 2005 a law was adopted in new edition.

6 Mar 2007 it was announced the signing between “NTV-Plus” and the Russian football Premier League (RFPL) chetyrehmetrovoy contract worth about $100 million, under which the pay channel received the rights to broadcast all matches of the championship of Russia. The next day the President spoke on the topic: “as far As I know, “NTV-plus” together with the football Association, together with the Chairman Vitaly Mutko — they’re something to do once again want we, the ordinary fans, take the free opportunity to watch football matches”. March 10, first Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said that the games of the Russian championship will be shown on public TV channels — the same way “as was done last year”. For this the channel “Sport” and “NTV-Plus” has signed a special agreement.