“White helmets” brought toxic substances to the warehouse militants in Syria

“White helmets” brought toxic substances to the warehouse militants in Syria

MOSCOW, August 28 — RIA Novosti. Representatives of the “White helmets” brought a big load of toxic substances in the Syrian city of Sarakibe, at the warehouse used by the “Ahrar Al-sham”, said at a press briefing the head of the Russian Center for reconciliation of the warring parties in Syria Alexey Tsygankov.


“According to information obtained by the Russian Centre for reconciliation the warring parties from several in Idlib province, independent sources in the city of Sarakibe from the settlement of ASF on two large truck delivered a big load of toxic substances,” he said.

As reported by Tsygankov, accompanied by eight representatives of the organization “White helmets” toxic substances were delivered to the warehouse used by the militant group “Ahrar Al-sham” to store weapons and fuel and lubricants, where they were met by two high-ranking commander specified an illegal armed formation.

“Later part of the cargo in plastic barrels without marking was moved to another point of basing of fighters in the southern part of Idlib province to stage the use of chemical weapons and the subsequent accusations of government forces use of chemical agents against the civilian population”, — said the representative of the centre.

Russian centre for reconciliation continues to call upon the commanders of illegal armed groups to abandon the armed provocation and take the path of peaceful settlement of the situation in the areas under their control.