What glow beetles, fireflies?

What glow beetles, fireflies?

In the new study, the scientists showed that the special organs of the illumination of the fireflies is necessary not only to attract partners.


Beetles of the family of fireflies (Lampyridae) have special bodies of light — with lanterns. What they need? It is believed that with their help, these insects attract partners, however, as confirmed by a new study, the lanterns, there is another option.

NewsFly pretended to be a fly found in insects with an unusual disguise

Many species of fireflies “chemically protected” — a foul taste for predators, said Jesse Barber (Jesse Barber), a biologist from the State University of Boise (Boise State University), Idaho, USA. If, however, the insect will not warn you, it will be eaten anyway: Barber interested, can glow to warn predators of their toxicity using the lights.

Barber, together with colleagues decided to see how fast the bats will learn to avoid the bugs-fireflies in the case that the last lights are hidden. First insects (it was a Firefly of the species Photinus pyralis) with the notable lanterns put three bats: as it turned out, after just a few interactions last began to avoid fireflies (in the beginning they grabbed the insects tried to eat and threw — soon began to completely avoid them).