The FAS Russia considered a small female breast from a physical defect

The FAS Russia considered a small female breast from a physical defect

The Federal Antimonopoly service of Russia often penalizes the company for sexist and insulting women advertising. The criteria for the abuse defines a special Advisory Council — but as it turned out, he may accidentally say something inappropriate about the subject matter.


The management of the FAS of Russia in the Arkhangelsk region was considered insulting to women, advertising of the residential complexes of the company “Akvilon invest”. In a decision experts called a small women’s Breasts a handicap.

The office received a complaint about the Billboard with the image of a woman measuring myself with measuring tape chest and the caption “we Have small prices and a lot of complexes.”

Another ad pictures of this company the woman stood back, taking off his shirt. The caption to the photo read: “Cheaper than rent!”.

The Complainants found the advertisement sexist, saying that she insults and humiliates women, and is based on the exploitation of the sexuality of the female body.

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The expert Council of the Agency agreed with the applicant. He pointed out that such advertising contains a “offensive way in relation to female”. Such a conclusion they did, noting that the advertisement indicates “physical flaws in women (small Breasts)”. At the request of the Russian service Bi-bi-si to clarify the criteria for such detention Arkhangelsk OFAS has not responded yet.

In UFAS notice that the decisions are of an Advisory nature and they are subjective. For the decision the Agency enough of a survey on the website, where “significant” number of people consider is unethical, as well as the opinions of the expert Council.