The bartenders made the biggest cocktail “Cuba Libre”

The bartenders made the biggest cocktail “Cuba Libre”

It took 20 boxes of rum.


500 liters of the cocktail “Cuba Libre” made the bartenders at the XXII pan-American cocktail competition in Havana.

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They claim a world record.

A drink of Cola, lime, rum and ice mixed in a two-meter glass. Cocktail took 20 boxes of rum and 200 bottles of Cola. The preparation took about an hour.

Championship of the International bartenders Association (IBA) held in the Cuban capital, from 25 to 30 August. For Havana is a very significant event. Cuba became the first country in the world where there was a Union bartender. It was 94 years ago. It is also the first Latin American country, which hosted the championship among bartenders.

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