Scientists have found the key to longevity

Scientists have found the key to longevity

Happy people live longer, they claim.


Elderly people who feel happy live longer.

This is stated in the results of a study medical school Duke-NUS in Singapore, published in the journal Age and Ageing British geriatric society.

The relationship between happiness and mortality is examined using a nationally representative survey. It was attended by 4478 people. The survey lasted for seven years among Singapore residents older than sixty. Were taken into account a range of demographic factors such as lifestyle, health, and social environment.

The study showed that among elderly people happy during the long study died 15%. The share of the deceased among the unhappy were higher — 20%.

“The results prove that even a small increase in level of happiness can be useful for the longevity of the elderly, explained the assistant Professor Rahul Malhotra, head of research at Duke-NUS. — Therefore, individual efforts and government policies and programs that maintain or increase the level of happiness or psychological well-being, can contribute to a longer life among the elderly”.

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