Peskov said Putin walked through the mountains for the weekend

Peskov said Putin walked through the mountains for the weekend

MOSCOW, 27 Jun — RIA Novosti. Russian President Vladimir Putin spent the weekend on the Yenisei river in Tyva with defence Minister Sergei Shoigu, the FSB Director Alexander Bortnikov, reported the press Secretary of the head of state, Dmitry Peskov.

Наверх10фотографий10фотографий10фотографийчто for the past Saturday and Sunday, the President on the way to Kemerovo decided to fly early and spent this Saturday and Sunday in Tuva, on the Yenisei, like the mountains, enjoyed the beauty.Dmitry Pescovitz Secretary of state

It was accompanied for two days by the Director of Sayano-Shushensky nature reserve Gennady Kiselyov and the head of Tuva Sholban Kara-ool. “Was the Minister of defence Shoigu, FSB Director Bortnikov”, he added.

Peskov said that the Kremlin will post photos and videos of Putin’s trip.

This is not the first trip of the President on vacation in Tuva. In August last year he did a two-day stop in Siberia, where he was engaged in underwater hunting and fishing. As reported Peskov, Putin two hours “chasing the sun” in a mountain lake. The President was then accompanied by Shoigu, Kara-ool, the head of Khakassia Victor Zimin.

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“Vladimir Putin on vacation he was engaged in underwater hunting with a mask and snorkel, a wetsuit, a mask was installed the GoPro camera. These images along with other photos and videos, including shooting with a quadcopter is available on the website In connection with great interest to the stay of Vladimir Putin in Tuva photos and videos published in full”, — reported on the Kremlin website.

Record catch in Tuva

In 2013, fishing in Tuva, Putin managed to catch a minnow, which he gave to the local Ranger, a 21-pound pike. Thus, the head of state has set its own record.

“Yes, I know it’s fishermen and lovers (fishing. — Approx. ed.) are concerned. Read it and seen on the Internet. To be honest, when I measured: it was 20 pounds. Although many believe that it was too small, so 20 pounds is not drawn, but still — what I saw,” — said Putin, answering the question about his biggest catch in the “straight line”, held on June 15.

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