Archaeologists have found in Egypt the tomb of the poor times of Cleopatra

Archaeologists have found in Egypt the tomb of the poor times of Cleopatra

MOSCOW, 27 Jun — RIA Novosti. Egyptian scientists have unearthed in the Western part of ancient Alexandria several previously unknown rock tombs from the late Ptolemaic carved deep within the rock. Their first pictures were presented on the website of the magazine Luxor Times.


“These tombs were used for a very long time by the ancient Egyptians, most of whom were, apparently, poor. Their walls are covered with lime mortar and partly painted, and some of the tombs were rebuilt, were opened and expanded. This suggests that they were used by several generations of inhabitants of Alexandria,” says Ayman Ashmawy (Aiman Ashmawi), one of the participants in the excavation.

His team, according to the archaeologist, opened a huge segment of the ancient cemetery during the excavations that Egyptian scientists were on-site construction of a new railway to the West of the city, whose predecessor was partially destroyed in the 1930s during the Second world war.

At this point they were able to find several architectural complexes, built during the reign of Cleopatra and other Ptolemaic late. Each of them was a set of several small tombs, carved deep within the rock, and a larger common room, where the entrances to these tombs.

Within these areas the archaeologists found hundreds of artifacts, including a large number of clay vessels, decorated with various ornaments and lamps, glass wares and many other traces of civilization. The remains of the ancient inhabitants of Alexandria also preserved, but many of them are now in critical condition due to bombing and the construction of the railway in the first third of the 20th century.