A fight to the accordion and pancakes

A fight to the accordion and pancakes

In Russia there appeared a new object of intangible cultural heritage. Found out the details of Nikita Aronov.


In Russia, finally determined the basic national sport — fight wall to wall, he even admitted object of intangible cultural heritage. Found a village in Tambov, where sports-fist tradition has survived almost to our time. Now a fight there revive in the form of the annual festival. Cultural wealth is joined “Spark”.

For pensioners of the village Atmans Angle Sosnovsky district, Tambov oblast holiday collective fight — one of the bright memories.

First always started the boys about six years old. Then the older children, then grown men, and in the end-to grandfathers came, — nostalgic Vasily Alexandrovich.

He went on, “jaws” (with an accent on the letter “a”, called fighting wall to wall) in fact to the last. In 1979, even so much leave from the army to battle to keep up. But towards the end of his military service Cams already gone, and Vasily Alexandrovich moved to Moscow and became a policeman. In his native village, he is now on the rights of the cottager — goes to hunt and dig in the garden.

Oh, you had 40 years ago to come. People — the darkness, several thousands of people. The whole field in front of the club was occupied, and the field then was a little more, because these homes are not yet built. But now, it’s not natural, it is a show.Vasily Alexandrovich

Two steps away from us near the house of culture is already preparing for what is Vasily Alexandrovich believes show. Working of the district administration building a Russian stove under the awning and knock the podium. Soon there will unfold the fair town with a carousel, will appear the camp, women in sundresses and men in shirts. Historians Tambov, Belgorod and Moscow athletes football fans are pummeling each other under the Slavic rock, accordion and the singing of cultural workers. And in the oven will bake pancakes to eat and applied to the wounds.

The village scrappers

Festival of traditional folk games “Itmanovskaya Cams” is held for the eighth time. The first years were very modest — forces Tambov athletes and local historians. But in 2017 there comes the Governor Alexander Nikitin.

The newswill Remember and shudder

However, to gain the sympathy of local residents was more difficult, than to enlist the support of authorities. Primarily because all the local know how to arrange the Cams correctly.

In that year, Gypsies some dressed up and let my long sad songs to sing. I organizatorshu say, Luba, get rid of that shame, says local costasecca Baba Zina. Here in the village all know a fight must be submitted under the ditties.

— I the organizers warn: don’t turn our Cams into a fight. Athletes who come in the heat of the can and in the back to go, and lying to hit. So we have never had — echoes of a former rural paramedic Ilya V. Neverov.

The rules were simple, but crucial: don’t fight down, not to beat the fallen, not to go back. Violators could to break their own. This guaranteed the comparative security of the event.

— I since 1971 worked as a paramedic and can say that serious injuries never happened. Well, eyebrow cut, break your nose, knock out the front teeth — mouth guards weren’t worn. Sometimes will kick in the solar plexus — hence the brief loss of consciousness, — says Ilya Vasilevich.— A I this packing take the bottle to the water from the spring to recruit and bruises to make, and ammonia two or three bottles. Not so much for fighting as for looking. There are many women there.

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For fighting has always been wall observers. When the fighters pressed, to retreat they had no choice.

— Now, the spectators standing around and not to understand even for someone who is sick — throws up his hands Ilya Vasilyevich.— Well, mass is not the same. In 1971, in the village lived 3.2 thousand people. And almost all of them, from small to large, were collected in the field. Sometimes for 8 weddings these days played.

The days were always the same — the assumption. On 28 August Atmans Angle has returned, even those who seemed to meet moved to the city. For four days no one in the village worked. Moonshine flowed freely. Played songs, danced, but the highlight of the program was, of course, hand-to-hand fight. It began every day right after lunch. And with breaks for drinking and dancing went on, sometimes until 9 PM.

Face in blood, his shirt in tatters — with a smile remembers former chauffeur Nikolai.

In the middle of the village flows the river Persica. Not even a river but a trickle. On her and they fought: the inhabitants of the right Bank against the people of the left. And the Trinity likewise fought with a neighbouring village Trinity Vileikos. Did it in a clearing between the villages. The hatred of the rivals didn’t:

Happens, there are two in-laws from different sides of the village, drink. Then say: let’s go, bump. Went, fought and then together to drink.Ilya Neurofilter

About the famous athletes was legendary. There was a Feodor Kvasov, he’s in a fight to the assumption was not involved, and at Trinity he was followed only when armanovsky drove. For special lower bite valjevska called him Horse Sled and was very afraid. Was uncle Leon Clubhand, hand he lost in a war that did not prevent him to be considered one of the strongest fighters. While legendary Sergey Bull is still alive, but the media does not communicate — shy. It looks like the only person in the village who hate to remember the past exploits. But about it will gladly tell others.

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— Seryoga Bull was a motorcycle “chezet”. He is always in the end came, for 6-7 hours. Put the bike on the bandwagon and once in battle. It fired from slingshots, and balls from the breast bounced, had seen himself swears Basil Sir with the village sawmill.— With such fighters, we always valjevska drove. Only when valjevska brought from Tambov 15-20 athletes, they could win.

The police were present on the Cam, but usually did not intervene.