“Streets of clouds” in the sky astonished the people of England. Photos

“Streets of clouds” in the sky astonished the people of England. Photos

In the South of England spotted a rare and unusual formation of clouds called “cloud streets.”


These tunnel-like cloud formations were visible in the counties of Oxfordshire and Galsterer on Thursday evening.

SYNOPTIC bi-Bi-si Simon king says that such phenomena are not rare, but this time they looked amazing at sunset.

“Cloud street” is actually a series of Cumulus clouds lined up in the direction of the wind.Simon king Weatherman bi-Bi-siWhere are the “cloud street”?

The heated air rises from the Ground up. At altitude the air cools, and condenseries in the cloud.

Sometimes in the lower atmosphere (the troposphere) there is a layer of warm air, which prevents air from earth to rise above. This phenomenon is called temperature inversion.

The cooled air from the ground, rests on the “wall” of warm air and instead of going up moves in the horizontal direction.

The cooled air falls back to earth in the places where it occurs, clouds are formed.

It all starts a cylindrical air circulation, which runs parallel with the wind direction. Because of this, clouds are a distinctive oblong shape, which reminds people of the street or the tunnels.

The clouds were visible above the Oxford | Source: BBC WEATHER WATCHERS / PCGN7