Scientists have figured out what kind of health problems they say wrinkles on forehead

Scientists have figured out what kind of health problems they say wrinkles on forehead

Wrinkles can be an indicator of increased risk of death from cardiovascular disease, established by French specialists. Their appearance, apparently, is connected with atherosclerosis and could be a sign that will allow doctors to identify the disease and assign examination.


Excess wrinkles on the forehead may indicate an increased risk of death from cardiovascular disease, warn researchers from the French University of Toulouse. They talked about it at the Annual conference of the European society of cardiology in Munich.

You cannot see or feel such risk factors as high cholesterol, hypertension. We drew attention to the wrinkles as a marker because it is simple and clear. Just by looking at a person’s face, we can give him advice to reduce the risk of developing diseases.Yolandi Eskimology author of the study

These measures can involve simple lifestyle changes — increasing physical activity, consumption of healthier food.

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“Of course, if we suspect the person an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, we need to check all the risk factors — blood pressure, lipid levels and blood glucose, but to give him some advice immediately,” — said Esquirol.

The risk of developing cardiovascular diseases increases with aging, but lifestyle changes and timely medical help can reduce the risk. The task of doctors is to identify possible problems early enough.

According to the study authors, in previous works analyzed the various visible signs of aging and their relationship to health. So, “crow’s feet” around the eyes was not associated with risk of cardiovascular disease. But these wrinkles — the result not only of aging but active expressions. Relation of baldness in men, xanthelasmas (education flat yellowish plaques due to lipid disorders) and other external characteristics with the risk of developing heart disease, but so far not found anything that indicates an increased risk of death.

The researchers focused on the horizontal wrinkles of the forehead.

Participants of the study were 3200 people, whose age at the beginning was 32, 42, 52 and 62. The researchers assessed their forehead wrinkles from zero to three depending on their severity.

The researchers observed the volunteers over 20 years. During this time, 233 of them have died. As it turned out, was the deeper wrinkles are, the more likely it was death from cardiovascular disease.

The results persisted even after adjustments for age, gender, blood pressure, bad habits, and other factors.

“The more you have wrinkles on the forehead, the higher your risk of death”, concludes Esquirol.

Of course, wrinkles — not the best way to assess health problems, but they can attract the attention of a doctor and coerce it to a more thorough examination.

Why wrinkles indicate heart problems, researchers still do not understand. They attribute this to the atherosclerosis — formation on the inner walls of the arteries cholesterol plaque. That is atherosclerosis — the main cause of heart attacks and many other problems with the cardiovascular system.

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Probably, oxidative stress (cellular damage due to oxidation) and changes in collagen associated with atherosclerosis, are related to the formation of wrinkles, the researchers suggest. Blood vessels on the forehead are so small that they can be more sensitive to plaque formation — thus, wrinkles can be an early sign of aging vessels.

“Wrinkles on forehead can be a marker of atherosclerosis, says Esquirol. — This is the first time established a link between cardiovascular diseases and wrinkles on the forehead, so the results need to be verified in further studies. However, physicians can use these data now — it’s free and there is no risk.