In the United States recognized the “Armata” useless

In the United States recognized the “Armata” useless

Despite the fact that Russia, demonstrating opportunities at the international forum “Army-2018”, is gradually starting to adopt the new technique, “nothing has changed fundamentally,” writes in The National Interest expert Dave Majumdar.


In his opinion, because the Russian military will get new equipment, especially tanks T-14 “Armata” and the T-90M, the “small number” of forces will remain T-72B3 and other “updated versions of existing machines.”

“Russia does not need a huge number of machines such as the “Armata” to dominate its neighbors in the former Soviet Union”, — said Majumdar.

Also the American edition recognizes that the performance of the upgraded T-90M is significantly higher than that in the original T-90A, which is currently used by Land forces of Russia.

In August 2018, the us expert Joseph Trevithick in the pages of the Drive, wrote that the technology used in the development of the T-14 “Armata” will be useful for creating another war machine, and currently Russia, abandoning the mass of equipment the new technology, taking maximum advantage of the weapons of the former USSR.

By 2021, the defence Ministry planned to 132 of the T-14 and infantry fighting vehicles, T-15, created on the basis of universal tracked platform “Armata”.